Born in Barvinkove, Kharkiv region, Ukraine.
Mariupol painter, currently a refugee, participant of international exhibitions and competitions.
Through her paintings, she wants to change people’s lives for the better, give hope, colors of life, and beauty, as well as draw attention to important socio-cultural questions and deep feelings that every person has the right to say, giving the possibility to be yourself and be happy.
Practices mixed media techniques, creates paintings by oil, acrylic, and watercolor, made paintings from plastic lids in her past.
Before the 24.02.2022, she lived for 29 years in Mariupol. Spent more than one month under the bombs at the blockade of Mariupol in 2022 and left the city on foot with her family.
On February 24, 2022, part of her paintings from plastic lids were on the exhibition at the Mariupol cultural center «Vezha». These paintings were cut by people to close the windows from the shelling.
Part of the oil paintings was stolen, and another part — got under the bombs.
Currently, she creates new paintings in Ukraine.